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A Little About Me

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Hannah Madison Taylor is a songwriter, producer, vocal arranger and producer, audio engineer, and music consultant.

Hannah began her songwriting/producing career writing for an ad agency. She has worked and written on numerous projects that include Megan Cavallari and Rita Wilson to BeBe Rexha and Ross Vannelli to name a few.

She has written, produced,and been a music consultant on projects for Sony, MTV, VH1, Secret Road, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.

Additionally, Hannah worked as a Music Supervisor for Tello Films, alongside Wendy Levy, worked in clearance and licensing with David Powell (The Music Bridge), and went on to become Director of Creative Licensing with Red Shift Entertainment.

Working on both the business and creative side of music has helped to shape Hannah as a songwriter/producer with a keen ear of understanding not only where the music should go, but how to place it; or as the Director of CBS Music puts it, “I wish all songwriters/producers wrote and thought like she does. Hannah gives us exactly what we need for TV/Film/Ad, while giving an artist something that can be commercially successful as well.”

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David Hernandez

| in the studio, Music

I was set up to write with David for his upcoming project over a year ago. Sitting at a piano, we began writing Kingdom…. That’s where it all started – just a piano and that gorgeous voice of his!

A few weeks later, he asked Jake Williams and I if we would co-produce on the song with Mikal Blue, and if I would help to vocal produce the song as well. The answer was YES, of course! I’ve been a fan of David for a long time, so it was such an honor to be a part of the development of the song.

The fact that the song became the title track for his album, and is receiving so much love from fans, as well as multiple press write-ups, is just icing on the cake.


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Spectre Jones

| in the studio, Music

I first started writing with Spectre Jones (Wilson Howard, Jake Williams) and Adam Zelkind back in April 11, 2017 for what we thought were a few songs for an upcoming tv series on CBS. At the end of our first session we had an entire EP worth of material written that resulted in them being signed to Secret Road.Their debut EP was released in March 2018, and has gone on to receive over 22 placements in the past few month…. And they’re just getting started!

I’m so honored to work with them on this project and their upcoming release as well, and so thrilled for them as my friends. There’s really nothing better than getting to work with your friends and celebrate with them as they win.

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The Little Mermaid Live

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The Little Mermaid Live at the Hollywood Bowl: The show and EVERYONE that was a part of it was nothing less than INCREDIBLE. Richard Kraft – Thank you for making something truly magical.You are the definition of inspiring. Jodi Benson- you are as lovely/cool/ talented of  a person as I always imagined you would be. Melissa Axel and James Jacoby-  beaming with happiness and so proud of you both!

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The Hunting Ground

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I had the great privilege of attending the  SCL screening of the amazing film The Hunting Ground (everyone please watch  this incredible film and its important message).
Meeting the brilliant Bonnie Greenberg, Miriam Cutler, and Diane Warren was the icing on the cake. Diane Warren – “Til It Happens to You” is not only a beautiful song, but it gave a voice to so many people who had been silenced. You’re truly inspiring on every level. Also, I wanna know where you got that cool tshirt!

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