Hannah Madison Taylor

1203675Hannah began her songwriting/producing career writing for an ad agency. She has worked and written on projects with Trina Harmon, Marlow Rosado, Megan Cavallari, Rita Wilson, BeBe Rexha, David Saint Fleur, Adam Zelkind, Richard Harris and Ross Vannelli, to name a few.

She has written, sung, and produced on numerous projects, including the theme for Nicole Richie’s show, “Candidly Nicole” on VH1.

Additionally, Hannah worked as a Music Supervisor for Tello Films, alongside Wendy Levy, worked in clearance and licensing with David Powell (The Music Bridge), and went on to become Director of Creative Licensing with Red Shift Entertainment.

Working on both the business and creative side of music has helped to shape Hannah as a songwriter/vocal producer/producer with a keen ear of understanding not only where the music should go, but how to place it; or as the Director of CBS Music puts it, “I wish all songwriters/producers wrote and thought like she does. Hannah gives us exactly what we need for TV/Film/Ad, while giving an artist something that can be commercially successful as well.”